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Keruve 2010+ GPS Wristwatch locator will improve Alzheimer's quality of life

This specialized GPS locator allows families and caregives to know where the person wearing the watch is at anytime and anywhere.

Fuente: Press Release (21/09/2010)

Due to the World Alzheimer's disease day Vision Localization Systems, the world pioneer company specialized in personal locators for person in high risk of wanderin, announces that Keruve 2010+ is now available worldwide. The main goal of this device is to improve life quality of Alzheimer's disease patients, their families and caregivers. Keruve 2010+ is a direct locator specialized for Alzheimers disease persons at first stage, when they still want to walk and still have autonomy. Keruve 2010+ has two terminals, a wrist gps watch for the person with alzheimer's designed to look as a regular watch and a portable receiver for the family or caregiver. The portable receiver will show immediately the position over a map just by pressing a button on the screen. The portable receiver has been designed thinking on elder people that often have little knowledge of new technologies and that is why it has a very intuitive interface. The Keruve GPS Wrist watch is discreet and elegant. This unique feature of Keruve helps the person with Alzheimer likes to wear it. There are different models and designs available, both ladies and gents. The strapband adapts to the shape of the wrist with the body temperature providing comfort to the wearer. The gps watch has a security clasp and it will warn the family or caregiver if they are wondering or leaving the security area. Due to its 4 positioning sytems (SBAS-GPS, Vision-indoor, Vision-Cellid and T-GSM), keruve is able to locate a person even inside buildings, it has a long life battery (4,5 days in standard mode), an alarm button and also includes an emergency localization system using the caregiver's cell phone in case the portable receiver where not available at the moment. Keruve 2010 + is now available for sale worldwide. The device costs 950 and can be ordered through the web, or calling (+34) 902 54 54 64.

To download press release here.

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